What is ShlakShack?

ShlakShack is a creative fashion magazine and it’s your silk road to the glorious past of the fashion history till the variegated present to the promised unknown future.

We brought the world of fashion to a shack, so you can surf the fashion enterprise in just a shack.

Our goal is to provoke the intelligent calls in fashion and to focus on the unique and latest trends, so you are here in the world of creativity, simplicity, and publicity, all combined together in order to give you blinks about every single detail in fashion.

What do we do?

ShlakShack is a fashion magazine treat with latest fashion news, events, exhibitions, festivals, runways, and latest trends.

We set monthly competitions to encourage our fans, users, and pass through, to give their best ideas and sharing fashion designs in order to win one of our monthly prizes.

Our fashion brands list is to facilitate our lovely users to find their favorable brands easy and quick as possible as it could be.

We publish monthly magazine editions with many fashion spotlights so you can be tuned to the fashion world.

Who we are?

We are a team of four members, met together by no coincidence, in odd circumstances, to achieve our personal goals in life, which integrated together to be our team goal.

Our goal is to make something that has a value and break the moment of silence to make noticeable changes in this virtual world.

ShlakShack Team Members:

Najeeb F Kewan

Born in 08/31/1987

Multi-skilled Engineer with double major (food chemistry and electronic engineer), Master in Quality management, four languages speaker, web developer, good planner, and heavy reader. I have the will to win the desire to succeed and the urge to reach my full potential.

Like to make friends and venture new fields in life.

“There is no such reality as “something for nothing” ”

Jad G Nasser al deen

Born in 01/06/1991

I’m a marketing student will be graduated soon, a very stylish guy, and fashion is my thing, obsessed with sports, I play soccer and track running, I’m a bit of workaholic, a good self-improver, high persistent man and at the same time I like to have fun, meet new people and travel the world.

“If you work and think, then you are alive”

Nizar M Ballout

Born in 04/05/1994

A marketing and advertisement student, will be graduated soon from college, I’m a good writer, a good social media marketer, and I cherish music, I am a guy with a cause, I don’t give up easily, I think obstacles are another word for experience, always ready for new things that might come into through the road that I’m on at the moment.

“Nothing is more creative… nor destructive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose”

Bahaa W. Aboulhosn

Born in 9/23/1994

I am a feeler dreamer and adventurer I am astonished at music and style, always motivated and hopeful, trustworthy and kind hearted human being. I have my third eye “My Camera”. I like to do new things, new adventures. I am a good listener and I have experience in networking and computers.

“Nothing is more creative than a brilliant mind with a purpose”  




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