Assassin Creed, Jerusalem, the twelfth century. Amidst the chaos of the Third Crusade, a Brotherhood of warriors rose to power. Shrouded in secrecy, feared for their ruthlessness, they alone would save the Holy Land, or destroy it. They were the Assassins.

Assassin Creed.. kingdom of terror

The night is the kingdom of terror, of monsters from the past of the days we wandered like assassin’s the tiger chases the man who’s afraid of the dog who chases the cat who chases the mouse who frightened the man.

Assassin CreedIt depicts in the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control. We are here to talk about the outfits and the customs the wear in their era.

All the assassin’s wear the well known Peaked Hoods, and The Hidden Blade. It is a compact and deadly device which has become a defining mark of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Assassin CreedIt is a three part folding blade designed to quickly extend or retract as the assassin wishes.

standard Assassin combat uniform that primarily consisted of vambraces, greaves, shoes and a protective belt, all made in leather.

Leather Armor was the first available armor which fortified health, but offered no resistance bonuses.

Helmschmied armor, which was a variant of leather with metal inlays. Metal and Missaglias armor, both composed mainly of metal, with Missaglias sporting stylized decoration.

The greed, the corruption, the tyranny my enemies have spread will burn to the ground. From the ashes of vengeance, a new Rome will rise.

In Rome longer robes and a longer hood, while his new armor came only with a spaulder and a single vambrace. They encountered a new variety of armor in Constantinople Azap leather armor. It was the weakest, followed by Mamluk metal armor and the Sepahi Riding armor in terms of strength.

Maybe any one of us was in that era an assassin and we have their blood running in our veins , it’s true the words that says “old is gold” they were our protectors and our angles, they served in the dark to protect the light.