The sexiest topic you’ve all been waiting for, today we’re going to be talking about bikinis.
It’s obvious that when summer is on the way, you’re going to start pulling out your bikinis, maybe buy new ones.
Bikinis got a world of its own; there are numerous types and styles for a bikini. Let’s check out the bikini world now.
So first thing is first, a bikini is a women’s two-piece swimsuit with a bra top and underwear.
Bikini bottoms can range from full pelvic coverage to a thong or G-string.

Where the name bikini did came from and who designed it?

The bikini was first designed in 1946 by a French engineer called Louis Réard.He named the swimsuit bikini after Bikini Atoll, where testing on the atomic bomb was taking place.
First came the one piece swimsuit, then after that the idea of two pieces swimsuit was adopted (bikini), but bikinis were slow to be adopted at that time, it was banned from many public beaches by the Vatican, they actually declared it sinful. Time passed by and the bikini became popular when movie stars started wearing it in public beaches and movies.

Evolution of the bikini:

  • The 1930s and 40s, this was in Europe women started wearing bikinis which show just a slight bit of their skin.
  • 1946 at this time, when the war ended and spirits soaring, a new design of the bikini was made, they thought that it was the smallest swim ever made in that time.
  • 1947, the size of the swimsuit started to decrease; and even smaller swimsuit was revealed and at this time the swimsuit adapted the word bikini.
  • 1988, here the bikini started to be more popular. The G-string was first adopted by the Brazilians and suits are cut higher than ever at the thigh.

So we can say that everyone wears a bikini no doubt, it is essential for a beach trip, or tan, to tan your whole body a bikini must be worn.
We all went through obstacles in life got banned at some points, so does the bikini, it was banned and went through a lot of changes, so keep your priorities high always.