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“A Bonita girl is an enchanting, positive, free loving soul.”

Here at Nono Cosmetics, we pride ourselves in providing high quality products at affordable prices.
With our Bonita girl in mind, we are constantly coming up with fun products and innovative colors
that represents her well. Our wide selection of colors are on trend- our priority here is to make
sure we provide our customers the latest fashionable colors and popular items. We know just how
important the right color is and want to be able to provide this for you.

We currently have three lines for our Bonita polishes:

Petite line is fun, colorful, and travel-sized.

Essentials line is essential to everyday life, making it extra special.

Boutique line is our salon range polish, your colors become a statement and way of life!

Each line is unique in it’s own way and we hope by offering different lines we are able to have something
for each one of you, because no two Bonita girls are the same.

We are located in City of Industry, Southern California (a short drive from downtown Los Angeles) and our
priority will always be to provide the best customer service to all our customers. Please Contact us for any
questions or concerns regarding our products.



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