Burberry February 2017 Show
Burberry February 2017 Show

Burberry turned to Virginia Woolf’s gender-bending novel Orlando for runway inspirations last season, today’s show at London Fashion Week marked another dedication to the brand’s English roots. It wasn’t just pure absurdity but it was Art too. There was diversity with the fabrics. Each and every outfit had a smart exceptional detail showing further more with the used tissues. Burberry partnered with the Henry Moore Foundation for this show, celebrating the organization’s 40th anniversary and Moore’s work.

A long list of house favorites and celebrities gathered at the Soho venue Makers House, including Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Suki Waterhouse, Iris Law, Jourdan Dunn and Elizabeth Debicki. A huge crowd of girls gathered outside for Kris Wu’s arrival.

Burberry February 2017 Show
Burberry February 2017 Show

The show was kicked off by singer Anna Calvi. When she came out on a balcony above the runway with an electric guitar. She performed two songs before segueing in a cover of Christine and the Queens “iT” as the artist herself bopped along in appreciation from the front row.


Seventy-nine looks were present at that astonishing runway. Creativity reached its maximum. It made sure to let this distinctive sign mix up with the Modern Art. The faces, the crafts were embroidered within the fabric. Even the delusional Art made it seem so real, yet so fantastic. An ivory jacket and black boots opened the show, followed by ruffled white shirts and blue shirt dresses, cutout beige knit sweaters, and one-shouldered dresses with trench coats.

So this season Burberry brought us unisex designs; both female and male models wore shirts embellished with frills and lace. A dress and a few men’s shirts were printed with images of Moore’s sculptures.

Burberry February 2017 Show (men's wear)
Burberry February 2017 Show (men’s wear)

Burberry ended the runway with astonishment; it was like the best part of the runway, and a bit of a surprise too: Models reappeared with ornate collars and headpieces pieces added to their looks, referencing Victoriana. It was really breathtaking and really a work of art, not just any designs were present at this runway.

Christopher Bailey came out in all black over a white-collared shirt and waved to the crowd. The full collection will be on view and open to the public at Maker’s House from February 21–27, featuring over 40 pieces of Moore’s work and performances and events throughout the week.

These artistically designs that Burberry brought to us on this runway, creates themes for every single outfit. It shows variety indeed and a way to express. You either by being odd with the most well shaped fantasies, or the formal yet stylish traditional outline. Let’s salute the designer Christopher Bailey, and Burberry. For bringing us the most astonishing yet beautiful design that hit the runways this season.