Candy dresses was created by emerging designers in the world of fashion. It was an unconventional challenge that gave such beautiful and creative views, dresses, hats and beaded accessories. Creativity was brought to the world of fashion, exotic was present, just breathtaking.

It was project runway, an American reality television series. The goal was to prepare contestants for the real world of fashion. The first to do unconventional challenges every season. In the second season, candy took place and was the only provided thing to do astonishing dresses and garnishments with. It was a pretty hard challenge. It’s like candy is made out of colors, so at this point colors must be taking place, which was breathtaking.

candy dresses

Glued jelly beans with different color shades, gumballs, Pina colada licorice and black licorice lace, Crushed rock candies, weaved long chewy pink candy and cotton candy, dominated the runway and threw a candy field in the eyes of viewers. With all the delicate work of the contestants. Also the lame dress would still show the personality of this upcoming designer. These unconventional challenges made their perspective elaborate and unleashed their talent.

candy dresses

Life bloomed in the runway and candy brought a color and a theme to every single dress. Jungle jut in a dress, sea jutted in another, beaded fringes showed such beautiful dance costume which moved elegantly and spontaneously. There were the “exotic”, the “night out”, the “rock and roll outfit”, “Katy Perry’s overweight dress”, the “Barbie girl”, and some others with not much to define with.

Candy dresses gave fashion a newer and larger taste. The beautiful beating with life looks raised the standards of this industry as much as the expectations of people with style. It’s something exotic, fun, and fulfilling. You just have to love it. we should not forget that what was just created was something creative and unique to a whole new level.