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1972 First sample presentations in Germany and production launch in Spain by the two company founders, H. Gustav
Andersson and H. Bruno Heim, in the Elda/Monovar/Alicante region.

1973 Official establishment of the company Gerli GmbH. Production exclusively in Spain (until 1988). First office
including adjoining warehouse in Merzalben (Hauptstrasse 36).

1978 New construction of the company’s own business premises (office and warehouse) in Hohstrasse 31 in Merzalben.
New company headquarters in the beginning of 1979.

1985 From here on out (to this day) all business activities are run under the umbrella of the company Schuhimport
u. Export GERLI GmbH.

1986 Start of sales and distribution of shoes under the Dockers by Imepiel name and brand, later called Dockers by Gerli.
Official registration of this brand in Munich’s Patent and Trademark Office in January 1987.

1987 Addition of a storey to the office and expansion of the warehouse in Hohstrasse (two-storey office building).

1988 Production start in Portugal. Establishment of an office in Felgueiras / Portugal.

1992 First contact to suppliers in Asia. Initial production in Taiwan and South Korea starting in 1993.

1990’s Strong expansion in the entire company in sales, supplier and customer base as well as staff numbers.
Conversion of the entire product portfolio to the brand Dockers by Gerli.

1994 Purchase of 2nd warehouse building in Munchweiler, Bahnhofstrasse.

1995 Lease of 3rd warehouse building in Staffelhof (Pirmasens-Fehrbach).

1999 Start of a newly established joint-venture production company with a Korean partner in Ho Chi Minh
City (Saigon) in Vietnam.

2002 Sven Andersson and Ralf Grossmann are appointed as the company’s new General Managers.

2000’s Establishment and development of an independent women’s and children’s collection.

2011 Extensive renovation of the showroom in the company’s headquarters in Merzalben and nationwide re-design
plus re-installation of various showrooms (Munich, Ratingen / Breitscheid, Hamburg, Mainhausen etc.) for a
standardised and re-created brand design.

2013 40-year company anniversary (celebration at “Beckenhof” close to Pirmasens with all domestic and foreign
employees as well as long-standing key suppliers from China, Vietnam and Thailand).

2014 Completion of the new 100 sq. m showroom in Mainhausen under the Dockers by Gerli trademark and concept.
Opening of a new office with showroom in Houjie / Dongguan in China.



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