Future and The Past are related:

Someone said one time that you can’t predict the future unless you read the past. Based on looking to the past most people have been wearing the same type of clothes in the same era and gradually moved to wear the next generation of clothes and so on, so we can say that fashion is kind of develop-able tradition in a specific periods of time and a kind of trends in a wider periods of time.

the need is the mother of invention”,  purpose and life needs are the mother and father of fashion whatever those parents are alive; fashion grows up in the lab of this family.

Based on our studies we noticed that since 1885 till now fashion repeat itself almost every 30 years, it may come as the same style was in the past or modified to be suitable to our life progress, but the main structure which is the human body fitness remain current. For example jeans pants still jeans pants and the blue color is popular, but in some eras they were popular with slim “hems” and some eras were popular with loose “hems” and other eras are mixed between them.
We think that the fashion of the future may invent some kind of fabrics and textiles that can generate electricity or at least some kind of power you can use it in communication or even in charging your mobile phone or even making your clothes your own phone. And it is happening now actually.

Future clothes(1)

Our theory of fashion development is:

Technology can be the major factor of it, whatever life moves on and how much it will change, the fashion follows it and changes alike, based on what path of purpose the life goes through. Based on this theory in some time in the near future, a kind of changeable fashion will come out to life.

What is changeable fashion?

Based on our understanding of the history of fashion and our long-term studies, we can tell you the prediction of what is changeable fashion?
Changeable fashion is that kind of clothes, that you can change their colors and shapes immediately, for instance :

you wake up early wearing your pajamas, you drink your coffee, take your car keys and commute, but you still wearing pajamas, and while you are on your way to work, your pajamas will transform to your working suit, and with a specific color that you will admit, but I am sure more colors and more transformable shapes come with that kind of future pajamas you will buy, more money you will pay, because the policy of commercial companies will not change in the future, no doubt. We don’t know how it’ll be, but all we know this prediction will come true.

future clothes 5Future is now:

By the continuous evolution of technology, the future fashion that we are talking about already starts and gives its first fruits. Seven brands have already produced “smart, advanced, intelligent, developed, and some kind of changeable parameters”, so, there’s lots of other fashion inventions being done in science and technology that will add value to the way we dress. Whether it’s about controlling devices through the cuff of sleeves or quickly transforming our shorts to swimming suit summer:


launched luxury accessories for in late 2015 included a backpack, scarf, phone case and more, which responded to air pressure, body temperature, touch, wind, and sunlight. An Italian alligator-skin shoulder bag, for instance, was made environmentally-responsive ink shifting from black in the winter, to red in spring, blue in summer times and green fading to red in autumn.

The Unseen's responsive cropped leather jacket, (Forbes)
The Unseen’s responsive cropped leather jacket, (Forbes)

2-The Unseen:

The Unseen
The Unseen

A London-based company combines the worlds of science and design. Founded by Lauren Bowker, who refers to herself as a material alchemist, that has captured the simple idea of colors that alter based on user interaction or the environment they’re placed in, and launched it as a limited-edition, for instance, a beautiful solid shoulder bag, with luxury Italian alligator skin detailing, is framed on soft cashmere calfskin. Treated with environmentally responsive ink that shifts color with the seasons, reflecting the infinite changes of our environment. Limited edition treated alligator skin can be made to order in replacement of the calfskin.

The unseen
The unseen

3-The smart coat, EMEL+ARIS:

Has created the world’s first Smart Coat combining three essential components: beautiful cut, luxury Loro Piana fabric, and revolutionary far infrared heat technology. The Smart Coat is a game changer: whatever the weather, looking the part just got easier. Sleek, chic and heats. Launched in March 2016. Much like outerwear for both men and women. Made from a lightweight polymer, it produces FIR (far infrared) heat energy from various panels across the garment that is then absorbed by the skin to heat the muscles and increase blood flow. The only cable that does exist is one that leads to the battery pack powering it.

4-Football Fan Shirt, Wearable Experiments:

Introduced The Football Fan Shirt is embedded with haptic technology that connects fans in real-time with action in the game through touch. Using the skin as an interface, we are able to transmit plays from the game directly to the wearer using choreographed haptic feedback. This creates a heightened sense of excitement blurring the lines between player and spectator.

Football Fan Shirt from Wearable Experiments on Vimeo.

The Football Fan Shirt is connected to an app, where you can select which team you want to follow. By harnessing real-time game data, this allows the wearer to feel the sensations of what the team is going through with every major play as it happens on the pitch. And they produced also: Fox Alert Shirt, Fundawear, Oakley Future Sport, NAVIGATE Jacket, which they are also a “fashion mixed with technology”.

5-Zenta from Vinaya

Still, in the midst of its crowd funding campaign, it enables the user to switch off from digital noise and just still connected to the most important smartphone notifications. It monitors activity, sleep quality, breathing patterns, stress levels, emotion states, and overall mood.


6-” levi’s commuter and jacquward by google trucker jacket” use it:

Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces. Jacquard yarn structures combine thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns like cotton, polyester, or silk, making the yarn strong enough to be woven on any industrial loom.

Jacquard allows wearers to control their mobile experience and connect to a variety of services, such as music or maps, directly from the jacket. This is especially useful when it might be difficult to use the smartphone, like when you are riding on your bike.
I think we’ll see much more developed fashion in sooner future and more complicated ones in later future, and life goes on.

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