The hoody or hoodie is a sweatshirt that has a hood that covers the head, it’s obvious to you guys, it’s just a simple definition, but what’s more
interesting is the history of the hoodie, have you ever wondered where did the hoody come from? Well let me enlighten you then.

why was it called hoody?

Hoodies have been a documented part of men’s and women’s wear for centuries. The word hood came from Anglo-Saxon word “hōd”.

the history of the hoody:

The hoody goes way back to the 12th century, back to Medieval Europe where monks used to wear it, it included a hood called cowl attached to a tunic or robe.
And the hooded cape was very commonly worn by outdoor workers.
After that came the hooded sweatshirt, it was first made in the United States in the late 1930s, usually workers who worked in outdoors in the cold,
under a freezing temperature like in New York City to be specific. After that, the term hoodie became a brand in the 1990s, it became a trademark to the
hip hop culture, and it was a high fashion brand during this era. A Korean hip hop crew was called hood, they named their crew after the hoody.
That’s what makes it a trademark for hip hop.

Why wear a hoody:

    1. It’s just so comfy, and just a casual sweatshirt.
    2. Makes your body warm when in outdoors with a low temperature.
    3. It comes with lot of colors and style, it could just one color, it also comes with stripes on it or dots, which is stylish.
    4. It’s the best sweatshirt for working out and exercise.
    5. It holds all your goods in one pocket which is the kangaroo pouch.
    6. It comes in many colors and style, and suites for all genders, and all ages.

Finally we can say that the hoody got an interesting background and history, it’s comfy, can be worn in outdoors when it’s cold and you got work
to do outside, it comes with lot of styles, colors, it’s something also mostly worn on workouts, when exercising, and when jogging outdoor.