Funky JNCO style woman
Funky JNCO style woman

JNCO Jeans Evolution; “our boards floated vaguely over the streets, breaking the silence with hardcore blasts. Rock and Funk invading the minds, conquering the oppression of societies, and subleasing style breaking free over the scenes. We saw our mind creating spendthrift artworks over the jean fabric; Graffiti represented an exotic rave counterculture”

They were loners for their own Rebellion; they were the inspiration for such sovereignty raging in the 90’s. These falling teenagers grew in the corners of their imagination trying to make something out of their tricks, flips, skating; their music giving an insight on their culture and language.

Skaters were the purpose for such Revolution in the Fashion Industry, starting a phenomenal inventiveness, while defying the borders of the classic to redefine the view of Comfort, Style and Cuts.

JNCO Jeans
JNCO Jeans heritage rinse wash half pipe

JNCO Jeans: “Judge None Choose One”

JNCO plaguing the markets with the hottest heritage denim style for men and women, giving street wear Apparels the taste of ART from every single perspective.

Their jeans took part of the Revolution while expressing the breaches of humanity with the most peculiar Roads. Therefore, Judge None Choose One took the headlines of the Raving world, generating invasions of an overwhelming liberty on the streets of California to expand across the globe.

In 1985, the Revah brothers founded the JNCO Company getting inspiration by the teens’ Revolutionary movements. Rising out of the SoCal skate scene in 1990, to be known as the creator of Urban Street wear raging among the community of Hip-Hop, Hardcore and Skaters.

Their Logo took an introductory post for the sake of the Oeuvres garnished over the back pockets inspired by Graffiti Art. The “Triple Crown” designed by Nuke, an LA Graffiti artist went viral to give the company its recognition.

JNCO Jeans
JNCO Jeans womens jeans black hypnotix leg opening

The production of this company took an end in 2000; still the departing of the main factory did not affect the return of JNCO Style. The evolution of the skate scene, as well as the rave philosophy lead to the Comeback of this Style while preventing the demolition of its legacy, and the original base of its cuts. This reappearance, presented a wide and well dedicated urbanity which brought back the days of nostalgia for the old, and a new purpose for the young.

History is not repeating itself, this chronicle is just progressing and being embodied with a new contemporary image, and overrunning the 21st century to revive the 90s.

Modernized insight is the new ritual for these Slacks, making sure to conclude the majority of the crowd which means surpassing the small yet deep community of Rave Countercultures.

The width is now reduced and the back pockets taking less space, while the graffiti over the fabric is frequently there yet sometimes it’s null of existence.

This whole revival gives us hope, Hope for the days of Glory, for the days of Freedom, for the days of Rebellion. We as a public for this cycle of art must know that the coast for Perfection is to understand that we once made history, and we can do it again.