melania trump
melania trump

What does Melania Trump wear?

Like what would she wear? The answers to these questions are finally here, when incoming first lady Melania Trump stepped outside for the first Inauguration Day event.

The astonishing Melania Trump wore a mock turtleneck dress, cashmere cropped cutaway jacket and long gloves, all in matching sky blue, for husband Donald Trump’s first day as president. The dress was custom made from Ralph Lauren.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

Fun fact, president elect trump favors European designers, Yahoo Style editor Joe Zee told “Good Morning America,” “I think it would have been a big mistake for her to appear for the first time at the inauguration in a non-American designer.”

The $3,600 double-breasted Gucci coat evoked the American Revolution era and took social media by storm with ridicule, memes and comparisons ranging from Paddington Bear to Napoleon and a nutcracker.

Melania Trump’s outfit was classic to the highest level, after all she’s the wife of the president of the United States of America. After all it was designed by Ralph Lauren, which is pretty chic, can’t but to love it.

By and large, the fashion industry had thrown the weight of its support behind Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, and after election night the despondency continued to carry through in some designers’ vocal reluctance to support a Trump administration by dedicating their artistic visions to Mrs. Trump’s wardrobe.

Now the question becomes who will dress Mrs. Trump for the inaugural balls on Friday night. Will it be, as rumored, German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of both Fendi and Chanel. Let’s just wait and find out what the astonishing Milania Trump is going to be wearing and what trends will be created in  Trump’s family era.. no doubt, there is something will be there.

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