Motorcycle Gear

Jackets, jeans, helmet, and gloves are the gear of the courage’s Bikers. Motorcycle gear is one of the most beautiful gears worn by the adventurers.

The basic items of the motorcycle gear are:

  • Helmet & Eyewear
  • Jacket & Vests
  • Boots
  • Pants
  • Gloves

There are many types of every single item of the above

The Pants:

  • Sport leather pants
  • Cruiser leather pants and chaps
  • Textile pants
  • Mesh pants

The Boots:

  • Racing boots
  • Waterproof racing boots
  • Touring, Sport, Streets boots

The Helmet & Eyewear:

  • Closed face
  • Modular or Convertible
  • Open face
  • Goggles

And don’t forget Suits, leather racing suits, textile riding suits…

It’s not only about the passion of the motorcycle thing and not to the speed neither the harmony of the group but it’s all about to be prepared with a gear for your journey.