Celebrities wearing pajamas

Pajamas for Daily Wear

Who said that pajamas can’t become your daily wear? Now you can just show up at work with your pajama, but just any pajama, there are some pajamas that could make you look good as a diamond. Still, this is one crazy trend that has legs (literally). More chic than yoga wear and just as forgiving, pajamas are surprisingly versatile and can make sense as day wear or formal wear.

Everybody want to wear something comfy, when just going out on a regular day. But off course you want both, a comfy and a stylish outfit. Well there you have it, it’s a pyjama, which is comfy and damn right stylish, where you can just wear everyday. No, you will be getting people looking at you and laughing at your outfit, they will be admiring it no doubt.

Two ladies on the streets with stylish pajamas
Two ladies on the streets with stylish pajamas

Wearing a pajama on out on the streets, it might sound a bit exotic and extreme. But why not take it to the extreme, the most successful fashion designers took their designs to the extreme and look where they are now, they are like on the top. It’s not something to be ashamed of, it is really something, comfy, and stylish at the same time. Celebrities were spotted wearing sexy and stylish pajamas, it’s becoming a trend actually.

A sense of humor is the ultimate way to accessorize your sleepwear style.

A nudge, a smile and a knowing wink are all you need to pull it off with aplomb.

Stylish and classic pajama by a beautiful lady
Stylish and classic pajama by a beautiful lady

How to wear pajamas:

1. Try just wearing the top, style it as you would, like a silk shirt:
roll up the sleeves and team with jeans or a leather skirt. The contrast of slinky and tough works well.

2. Go for silk over cotton – it’s sleeker, more polished and much more forgiving.

3. Make the most of a flattering neckline and add a fun necklace or some diamond drop earrings.

4. All colors and prints work well and sometimes the bolder, evening colors make the most sense. Stripes are chic and totally on trend.

5. The full pajama look needs height to allow the hem to fall, open heeled sandals can be added to finish up the style.

Comfy and classic pajama
Comfy and classic pajama

When you just buy a new pair of pajamas, you just feel like wearing them all day and not taking them off. Especially as the weather starts to cool down and the morning roll out of bed becomes increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, though, the wide range of stylish separates now on the market means you don’t have to part ways with your PJs of a morning. Instead, you can employ a little clever styling to make these relaxed pieces double as daywear.