Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

So it’s the city of love, the city of style, it’s Paris everyone. So at the moment Paris is preparing to showcase its autumn/winter 2017 collection to the fashion elite. Outside it’s just on fire where the fash pack are crowding to be photographed in their finest attire. That’s right, it’s Paris Fashion Week.

OH yes, it’s gonna be huge, fascinating, and breathtaking. Paris hosts the final installment of catwalk shows and so fashion influencers must take the opportunity to debut their best clobber in one final attempt to hit the jackpot, which are the magazine pages.

Exotic and old-school is what this season is bringing to fashion week in Paris. Reborn of Canadian tux, boom there you have it, and the rule of old school is just inevitable.  It’s all street style for this season.

Bringing Back The Mango Coat

The mango coat Paris Fashion Week
The mango coat

This coat just never gets old. This famous Mango Coat has the power to transcend seasons. The ankle-skimming number has been spotted on bloggers far and wide, first hidding the headlines a few months ago. The mango coat dominated the streets this season, so don’t hesitate to get yours now.

Underwear as Outerwear

Underwear as outer wear, why not?
Underwear as outerwear, why not?

Yes, it is a trend, well why not? Lacy bralets over soft white tees or simply don a sheer corset this season. To make it chic and more exotic, a coat could be added to complete the outfit. It’s a trend, so don’t hesitate or fear to get a bit sexy and exotic.

Reinvent The Canadian Tux

The old school Canadian tux
The old school Canadian tux

Let’s get the denim look into business now. Reinvention of the Canadian tux is taking place this season, and chic it is. Invest in chambray co-ords and finish with a pop of color when accessorizing. We’re talking candy floss pinks and the ‘It’ color of the season in abundance.

Paris Fashion Week

So there you have it. Extreme, exotic, and astonishment, Paris Fashion Week got it all this season. A whole new level of fashion was present in Paris this season. Old-school was brought to the streets, the outfits was actually like a work of art. Pretty astonishing.