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The core of the Rosee comes from an mix of two souls: the feminine and romantic one of Claudia and the
rock and rebel one of her husband Paolo. In their life and in their work, Claudia e Paolo lead their special
partnership; two different personalities that perfectly blend. As in the best harmonies, the single parts enhance
the another one and build up a perfect whole.
The textile craft and the italian manufacturing traditions, made by row and high quality materials and a pure tailoring
talent, are the eviroment where Claudia takes her first creative steps. After several years passed in her family factory,
where she met international stylist and cooperated with them, Claudia decided to create her own factory with her husband Paolo: Rosee s.r.l.
Pink Memories is femininity, elegance, beauty, seduction that charms and disarms through seductive necklines, soft fabrics
and printed silks. Every garment is created by romantic, but never common ideas, which let people glimpse of a contemporary
and refined soul, always well-disposed to changes and transformations.
In these years Rosee has made a long walk, but never stops looking at the future: thanks to Claudia and Paolo, and their son
Leonardo’s work, talent and energy, nowadays the collection, strictly Made in Italy, can be found in the most important italian
and foreign boutique.
But the highest gratification for this company, which transmits their family story of passion and tradition, comes from the customers’
loyalty and the devotion.
Since November 2016 it has been also launched the new online shop where customers can find this current season best-sellers, the
historical items and the evergreen ones.


R.E.A. FI C.F. e P.IVA 06407650487
Tel. +39 055 8724664
Fax +39 055 8727336

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