A ring is a round hand, usually in metal, worn as an ornamental Jewelry around the finger,Rings used to send signals of wealth and power. Sometimes substantial wealth of a person determined by size of a precious stone and the clarity of the gem, rings you wear send subliminal or direct messages, People do notice your rings. They may not say anything, but they pick up subtle cues based on the the rings you wear. Be careful about what messages you are sending out through your choice of rings.

History of rings:

The Hittite civilization produced rings, including signet rings, only a few of which have been discovered. People in Old Kingdom Egypt wore a variety of finger rings, of which a few examples have been found, including the famous scarab design. Rings became more common during the Egyptian middle kingdom, with increasingly complex designs. Egyptians made metal rings but also made rings from faience some of which were used as new year gifts. Native styles were superseded by Greek and Roman fashions during the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Archaic Greek rings were to some extent influenced by Egyptian rings, although they tended to be less substantial and apparently weren’t for the most part used as working signet rings. A lack of locally available gold meant that rings made in the eastern colonies tended to be made from silver and bronze while Etruria used gold.

The classical period showed a shift away from bronze to wider adoption of silver and gold. The most typical design of the period involved a lozenge bezel mounting an intaglio device. Over time the bezel moved towards a more circular form.

Roman Rings

During the early and middle imperial era, the closest there is to a typical Roman ring consisted of a thick hoop that tapered directly into a slightly wider bezel. An engraved oval gem would be embedded within the bezel with the top of the gem only rising slightly above the surrounding ring material.

Materials and Design of Today’s Rings

There are still many designs of rings made from gold, silver and platinum. However, there are more choices today, including carbon fiber, stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium. More materials means that people have a lot more design choices, because jewelers can combine these materials in so many ways.. Rings can also come in colors ranging from polished silver to shining black. Today’s fine-tuned technology and equipment for making rings also means that jewelers make a range of finishes and detailed designs on a variety of materials. The line between men’s fashion rings and men’s wedding rings has been blurred in the past few decades, as men’s rings have become more popular and more varied.

Should I Get a Wedding Ring or a Fashion Ring?

Now that you know more about the history, design, and options out there, you might still feel unsure about which ring to get.
If you’re looking for a fashioned ring, the rule is basically that nearly anything goes! Any ring you put in hand should show
who are you is and make a statement about yourself to the world. Most people stick with classic designs for wedding rings, but if you aren’t exactly a “classic” kind-of a person, then the modern rule is that the most important thing your wedding ring should be about is your marriage. Your wedding ring is a symbol of his love and commitment.

My advice about choosing rings:

  1. Wear silver :if you have a cool tone. Your skin has a cool tone if your veins are visible.
  2. Wear gold :if you have warmer color skin, in this case, your veins wouldn’t be visible

The different ring types:

Wedding ring

Ring presented during the wedding ceremony that embodies union and marital commitment. Originally worn by women, wedding bands are now worn by the two spouses.

Engagement ring

Ring given to and worn by a woman indicating her intention to marry. Very often presented in the form of a diamond.

Knuckle ring

Ring which diameter is smaller than a traditional ring so that it can be worn on the fingertip, with the second or third knuckle.
It can be worn alone or in combination with other

Mood ring

Ring that changes color in response to the body temperature.

Championship ring (sports ring)

Ring worn by members of the winning teams of
professional sports leagues and
college tournaments in the USA. The most famous are the Super Bowl ring and the World Series ring.

Mourning ring

Ring worn in memory of a deceased person. Also commonly called “memorial ring”. Its use goes back at least to the 14th century.

Birthstone ring

Usually a simple ring set with the birthstone of the wearer, or the birthstone of his wife or husband. Some like the Mother’s ring can also be set with several birthstones.

Cameo ring

Ring with a carved cameo on top. This type of very old ring was usually worn by men. Antique Cameos represented gods, Christian saints and portraits. The stone is often made of marble.
The modern cameo ring generally shows the face of a goddess or a Roman soldier.

Iron Ring (Engineer’s ring)

Ring worn by American or Canadian engineers after the the Engineer’s oath. It is often presented in the form of an roughly worked iron ring. Modern rings tend to be in steel, some with engraved geometric designs. The ring is supposed to be worn on the little finger of the dominant hand.

Class ring

Ring worn by students and alumni in commemoration of their degree.

Posie ring

Ring with a long inscription on the inner or outer surface.
They were commonly used as engagement ring or wedding bands.
Also called “poesy ring”, in reference to the usually poetic engraved inscription.

Doctoral ring

Gold ring worn by doctors graduated from a Danish or Swedish university. In America, it is common for priests who have obtained their doctorate in theology to wear such a ring too.

Ecclesiastical ring

Ring worn by religious as a symbol of authority for clerics.
When worn by bishops or priests of higher rank, it is called “episcopal ring.”

Claddagh ring

Irish ring symbolizing friendship, seduction or engagement.
During the past centuries, these rings were bequeathed from mother to daughter, although men also wore some.

Eternity ring

Ring set with precious stones (often diamonds) symbolizing eternity with a partner. It is often given instead of engagement rings.

Finger armor ring

Ring which extends from the base of the finger just below the nail or in the middle of the second knuckle with a bending joint. It is mainly seen on Gothic people fingers.

Cocktail ring

Imposing ladies ring with a large center stone often surrounded by small stones. Almost all oversized rings for women can be called “cocktail”. This is the most common type of ring in costume jewelry.

Friendship ring

Friendship rings are used to symbolize a special relationship between two people, romantic or platonic. Their common use is as a sign of friendship.

Gay Pride Ring

Ring used to represent the Gay Pride, usually set with seven stones or seven lines of the seven colors representing the rainbow flag (LGBT movement). In recent decades, this ring worn on the right hang ring finger of like a pinky ring.

Signet ring

Iconic ring, often carrying the family crest or initials. Some signet can be used as a seal.

Guard ring

Thin ring, a little tighter and more adjusted to be placed on the finger in front of a larger ring to prevent slippage/ loose, and loss of the other ring.

Five Metals ring

Ring considered by the Talmud as a lucky talisman and as a kabbalistic accessory. Five metals extracted from the ground (gold, silver, copper, tin and lead) must be included, but not allies in a ring. the ring can be made once a month, “when the moon is
in Jupiter”, over a period of five hours from 1 to 6 PM and only at the conclusion of the Sabbath (Saturday night). The five metals ring often takes the form of a sterling silver ring with gold, tin, lead and copper flakes. Talmud says: “Carry it [the ring] on you, and you will see miracles.”

Multi-finger ring

Ring composed of two or more rings, designed to be worn on two, three or four fingers, popularized by the hip-hop culture.

Poison ring

Ring including a bezel compartment. Despite their name, they were probably more commonly used to contain substances such as perfume.

Gimmal ring

Ring composed of 2 or 3 articulated rings. It was popular for engagement in 16th and 17th century in Europe.

Aqiq Ring (Aqeeq)

Carnelian or agate ring worn by some Muslims, especially Shiites, referring to Muhammad. In the past, only wealthy men and women could afford fashionable rings, as symbols of status.

These rings were often made of the finest precious metals, like gold and silver, and included jewels. Today, more people buy fashion jewelry, and people make personal statements through fashion choices. Catching, today’s rings are more accessible and accepted for every man and women.