So it’s a sunny warm, day outside, what to wear? Easy question rights? Shorts are the answer;it’s pretty obvious to you guys.
Why shorts? Well you just feel free when wearing shorts, flexibility reaches its maximum when wearing shorts specially on a sunny warm day,
shorts come with tons of styles, so you can choose the style that suits you the most.

Now the question is what are shorts?

Shorts are a garment worn by both men and women over their pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs,
sometimes they come extending down the knees but of course they don’t cover the entire legs, otherwise they won’t be shorts anymore

Why they are called shorts?

Well they are called shorts since they are a shortened version of trousers.

Generally speaking shorts are worn all over the world, and usually grown adults wear shorts too, but mostly women who wear shorts,
but wearing shorts is less common among women in traditional eastern countries than in the West, and at some point mature women also wear shorts,
mostly they type of shorts that end at or below the knees.

Let’s take a look at the most popular style of shorts

1. Baggies or loose- fitting shorts: they are shorts that reach the knees. These shorts are mostly assumed to be in reference to the players’ shorts, like football players.

Fact: This particular style has been associated with football kit and similar sports since 1904,
when the Football Association of England dropped its rule requiring players cover their knees.

2. Cargo shorts: are an abbreviated version of cargo pants they are typically around the knee.

Multiple pockets are stitched to the outside of short.

3. Cut-offs shorts: shorts are typically a version of trousers which are cut off to become shorts.

The cut-off shorts that reach the knee are mostly worn by men, while the shorter versions which are above the knee or around
the hip to be specific are worn by women, and they are called “Daisy Dukes”, the name came from the character of the movie dukes of hazard.
Cut-offs can be made at home from existing jeans.

4. Hot pants or Hotpants: the term “hot pants” appeared in the 1970s as a description for extremely short shorts,
they are made with a high quality fabric like silk and velvet. Let’s be obvious what more hot than a hot woman with hotpants.

5. Gym shorts: Gym shorts are kind of essential for a gym day, they are comfy, flexible. With gym shorts it’s just so good to be true, light as a feather, it’s like you’re not wearing anything, they are specifically designed for workouts and sport stuff.

A brief look was taken about shorts and their variety of styles and everything, we can say now that shorts are essential for a sunny warm day