Ski Gear  

Ski gear is made to make you warm and to be ready for snowy mountains and cold places. However it helps you take control on the snow, and it’s also waterproof made for skiers and snowboarders.

A ski suit can either be one-piece, in the form of a jumpsuit, or two-piece, in the form of a ski jacket and matching trousers, called salopettes or ski pants.

Pockets are usually made to be waterproof, so items put in them should stay dry.

Ski jacket

A ski jacket covers the arms and torso, sometimes just to the waist while other times reaching down over the buttocks. It can be a separate item or part of a two-piece ski suit together with matching ski pants.

Ski pants

Ski pants or salopettes, when part of a two-piece ski suit, is usually made in the same fabric and color as the corresponding ski jacket.

Snow and cold is not a problem anymore adventurers can be comfortable with their hobby so get your gear and take the adventure.