simple birdy tattoos

The days of Photoshopped-out body art are over, as tattoos make their way into the glossies and onto the runway. Our favorite model ink, on some of the most famous faces in fashion. The astonishing Bella Hadid struck the runway, not just with her beautiful and sexy looks, but with a permanently marked the occasion with her tattoo debut: a tiny wing on each ankle.

Well not just Bella Hadid surprised us with her tattoo, but also Hailey Baldwin, she got a ‘G’ behind her ear and ‘Pray’ inked on her hand already. Her two most recent tattoos are simple and meaningful: miniatures cross in the nape of her neck and ‘Coeur d’Alene’, in reference to her sister, on her back. Pretty chic and classic I guess.

stylish and fun girl with tattoos

What are tattoos?

Logically it is ink, but I say that it is just more than ink on skin; it is a work of art. Sometimes a tattoo could represent something that it meaningful to you, it could represent your personality in some way. If you got a musical tattoo, this will show that you’re a person who cherishes music; a colored tattoo can represent an exotic attitude, which is pretty extreme and astonishing.

Collecting unusual tattoos must every tattoo lover’s target. Here you are bringing art to a whole new level, because unusual tattoo are the ones who the spotlight is always on. Subconsciously people are going to be admiring the tattoo that you got, analyzing the work of art that you are wearing, admiring your style, which is pretty astonishing.

The one thing you should do is to be wearing the appropriate outfit that matches your tattoos, and not to forget to show your tattoos, they are a work of art after all.

There are two ways at your fashion choices:

tattoo matched with the dress

First, via your comfort level and personal character. If you have a bold or quirky personality that naturally lends itself to a more bold or quirky style, that will affect what you can “pull off”. Like really, “pulling off” something is what you’re comfortable wearing, and if you want to put plaids or polka dots next to your floral tattoo sleeve, then go for it.

In an ideal world, we recommend getting your professional colors done before getting a tattoo. Bring the swatches of your most flattering colors to your artist and request he or she incorporate those into the design. Or just go black and gray. That’s easier to match. All you have to do is show your tattoo with a matching colored outfit, and most important you have to be wearing something that shows your tattoo. After all it’s a work of art and you definitely don’t want to hide it.

Just go and get inked, get artistic, and get stylish. Top models are getting tattoos that mean that it’s kind of a trend today. After all a work of part is being built on your skin, and not to forget to try and be exotic with your tattoo, extreme is just so astonishing.