Replenishing men’s souls with the taste of glamour. Crawling up their diamond laced bodies, getting fed by the pleasure of a dancing prey. Owning the whispering voices of goddesses. Gatsby elevated to the scent of her perfume, while fireworks colored the skies.

“So we called the Sirens of Jazz”

The queen who gave a taste to style, for culture, for the era of the Roaring Twenties.

The women who brought life to parties and enchanted the men with gold BvlgariDiagono and Rolls-Royce freaks.

The whole texture of a rebellious that created her own rocking style and slamming moves.

The women were never ashamed of holding slim cigarettes between those supple fingers, releasing a smoke from between those red lips.

Women who owned the bank accounts and the soul of the rich master.

In every event this DIVA owned the dance floor yet she created her artistic show so the parades of intimidation and seduction would roll the play.



With a short silky hair and a feathery headband which can be worn again because of its everlasting style and modernity, a boyish look yet so powerful to show the autonomy and liberty of the young woman. And for the garnishments of this beautiful mysterious yet clear face excessive makeup would be one of their ways for glowing structures as if like it’s a face carved by God.

Over her glowing skin these beautiful pearls lie around her neck and fall straight to her plane chest, these charming oceans that shine within the lights of these celebrations turned to bloom against the structure of her shoulders.


A dress that laid over her flesh elegantly, straight and loose with the arms bare hanging over her shoulders with thin straps beaded with the most glamorous stones you can find in the biggest houses of Mode. This structure of ART having fringes all over parted in lines letting her Charleston, foxtrot and waltz seem more artistic as if you’re in Broadway witnessing the largest shows in the world. Blues & Jazz made it all sharp yet wavy as if spinning like the sea would create a cycle of charisma and magnets. And when she dances these rayon stockings held by garters can’t afford covering flashes of her legs. Her style emerged from these phenomenal tapping T-strapped shoes in gold, black, silver or nude shade.


For such flat chest establishing a more boyish look, every youthful soul had a daily essential not a corset or so, but a Symington Side Lacer bra. Flat chests became the trend for women in this era; women with bigger cup size envied the flappers.


All these beads, fringes, lacer bras, t-strapped shoes, flat beautiful dresses and astonishing jewelries escalated from a magnificent and overwhelming designer. It all began in France, Paris and emerged all over U.S.A and Britain. It all began in the house of Coco Chanel, whom understood the freedom of a woman, whom saw her screaming for help from the restrains of the traditional image of a female.

Her inspiration passed all kinds of creativity. Men were her real inspiration; outfits of sailors, mechanics gave her the right image for The Flapper. She created the masculine look which grew to be the freedom of a real woman.

Coco Chanel gave birth for the “Garconne look” with all of her senses and power; it was all part of who she was and who she became. She had every detail made by her finest elaborating within every and each woman.