Let’s get straight to the point, so summer is over, we all said goodbye to summer, and welcomed November and December and said hello too. Most of you are thinking that sexy is over now, you know like the bikinis, shorts, the cuts, and all the sexy stuff. Well since winter is here now, comes classy, comes style, comes fashion, comes the time where you’ll be walking on the street with all eyes on you, just admiring what you’re wearing, you’ll be getting the feeling that you’re walking on the red carpet with the flashlights of the cameras hitting you, this is when confidence strikes here, not being stylish in the winter season cannot be tolerated.

As we just stated earlier, it’s winter time, so it’s going to be snowing and raining mostly, hence, it’s time to wear a coat. Worry no more; the brand’s job is to serve you the most stylish and fashionable wear that you desire. What is mostly trending today are the long coats, there are coats that cover just your entire back, and there are quotes that cover your entire body.

I want to get straight to the point now and tell what I think about the coats that just covers your back, in my experience in fashion, I can say that is so classy, and chic, plus it is just sexy as hell, like not wearing them is inevitable, and I think it suits short girls a lot, no offence to all the short girls out there.

Then comes the coats that cover your entire body, I can say about those coats that there is nothing classier than these quotes, especially the trending one’s today. They can be mostly worn on very special occasions, it’s the type of occasion where you enter and someone comes to you and tells: “miss can I please take your coat”, you in that classy way, no fear he’s not going to go hard on your coat, since it just looks good, and you look good and classy no doubt, but I can’t guarantee him stealing the coat off course speaking about the trending coats today, maybe he is going to give it to a girlfriend, fiancé, maybe a wife.

Mostly the top 9 trending coats are the coats that are kind of fluffy, looks like a blanket, but at the same time, they’re just so good to be true.

Then comes this coat or we can say trend, which is called graphic fur. Furs got the statement-making treatment, with color-blocked squares, playful intersecting lines, and bold windowpane grids; it’s one of the classic coats.

Designers merged seasons together too, they designed cheery colored coats, like bubblegum, pink, orange sherbet, and baby blue, this is when you feel like you want the summer trends back, you want the cheery colors and everything, well you actually got it.

We all see homeless people, wearing coats that are patched. Actually, designers made a coat that is inspired by patches, and it’s called patchwork it’s also one of the classic coats that you can wear, it’s just so classy.
We just took a sneak peak on the trending coats today, aren’t they just for filling? Who wants summer back now? Fashion designers are present for a reason, and that reason is to make you look good, elegant, beautiful, and classy, start your winter and holiday shopping with the best trends for this season.

Peace and love everyone.