What to wear Drama?


As much as I love a special occasion, the what-to-wear is the bit that sends me into a panic. Knowing what to wear is one element but shopping for it is where the trouble starts. If there is a special occasion the hardest part is to choose what to wear from your wardrobe so in times like this I follow some useful steps and I’m glad to share it with you:

Don’t be frightened of the special occasion:

Most of us don’t dress for enough special occasions and that means we don’t willingly invest in special occasion wear. See the problem? Don’t need it; don’t buy it. Need it; don’t own it.

To dress up for a special occasion you should be on a high level of agreement with your body, so admire you’re body and dressing will be a very simple and easy step.

There is one piece I believe essential to the special occasion and can go a long way to solving the what-to-wear drama.

Sometimes the thought can send us into a spiral of indecision. That’s the worst place to start. It is more helpful to view special occasion dressing as a challenge,

Pick up the item that got your attention at first because it proves that its color and design excite you regardless of its tiny details.

Feel confident to try on new and weird styles that may give you a very handsome look to attend a special occasion. Choosing new designs and colors may give you pleasure in experiencing new looks and release your confusedness in what to wear.

Don’t choose an outfit that leaves a bad impression about special occasions and makes you feel that dressing for occasions is like tying yourself with a rope. If you feel more relaxed in loose clothes go with loose handsome shirts, skirts or dresses which works for a special occasion and makes you feel very relaxed at the same time.

Make sure that what you choose for the occasion is a favorable outfit which makes you feel confident about your appearance and gives you a special sparkle among the guests.

The most important is to leave behind all the ideas or thoughts of others and go with an outfit that totally convinces you. It is essential to feel convinced with what you wear and to ignore the sarcastic comments of others.

If you feel like dressing for a special occasion is very hard and stressful eliminate your fears and accept the challenge, by this behavior dressing will be much easier and exciting for you.

Do not limit yourself with the same colors and styles go for new designs even if it looks weird to you for the first time. Once you try on new colors, it will be a normal state to you in the second occasion you will attend.

To end up your dressing drama, try to accept the positive opinions and recommendations of others because it may help you improve your outfit and make you feel courageous on a specific level.

Focus on living well because by having a good and positive lifestyle you will learn how to deal with every situation in a positive which eliminate the negative points in every step you take

Plan for your presence in the event which means to think about your actions and behavior when the event is in progress, This way will make you feel relaxed and more confident starting from your outfit.

Think in a way that brings you the idea of being one of the most elegant persons among all. Go with new styles and let the outfit you choose grasp all the attention. You can reach this step by choosing elegant clothes including fine quality fabrics and amazing colors including some accessories that make your outfit look more special and expensive.