Are you having problems with what to wear for tomorrow, or what to wear on the daily basis? What is the outfit that suits me most? Everyone have this problem, mostly females have it in a larger manner. It’s not a problem anymore with little arrangements and some organized steps; you will be able to stay on the road all the days of the week.

But this procedure needs commitment for one week and then all the other days will be easy for you to do. So stay with me to the end of this article and follow these steps…
We have 7 days of the week.
You have to get: 3 Jeans, 3 sweaters, 2 blouses, 2 jackets it’s like the outfit for school or just a casual job.
We have here 3 jeans, “it’s not necessary to be 3 specific jeans, any jeans you have or you like mostly same to others.
Let’s get some basic math:
Probability to wear 1 jacket and 1 sweater or 1 blouse underneath and 1 jeans: so you have 2 groups of probabilities
1st: 3 jeans , 2 blouse , 2 jackets
2nd: 3 jeans, 3 sweaters, 2 jackets.
Total ways for the 1st group is = 3 x 2 x 2= 12
Total ways for the second group is = 3 x 3 x 2 =18
The total ways of the whole collection is 12+18 = 30
So you have 30 ways to wear in seven days, every day you have almost 4 ways from this basic and little number of clothes “don’t worry math makes from your small wardrobe clothes, a larger ways to wear then you imagine”.

You also can find out what is the amount of ways you can wear in the days of the week in many different groups of other clothes.
Let’s give some advises you may think about for the coming weeks:

1st day Monday: it’s the 1st of every working week so most people go to work with low energy low passion for work because it’s the 1st working day after the weekend. So you have to prove to yourself and to others that you got high energy and passion for work, there are many ways to do that. But one of them is what you wear.
2nd day “Tuesday” its second working day of the week and you are getting used to work but you have to prove to yourself and others that you won’t surrender to work pressure, so pick up your brighter clothes and wear them without thinking that about the way you should deal with this day.
So it’s Wednesday now, things just got real. It is the middle of the weak; here you have to be showing to your colleagues with high confidence, by wearing a nice and classic outfit, like a jeans and a grey shirt.
Thursday, it is ladies night, now don’t you lose that energy and confident that you have. You have to be stylish and energetic so you impress and break some hearts.
Heaven is here now, its Friday the day that you’ve been waiting for all week. black jacket with blue jeans are the pass-through ticket to this awaiting weekend.
It’s just got so real here, it is Saturday. You must be getting your party wardrobe on this epic day, go with exotic colors, and something fun, and party like a rock star.
Sunday is mine, you own this day, to me if coffee were wearable I would have been wearing a cup of coffee all day, and don’t forget the aspirin, since your probably be having a hangover.


Organizing your daily wear, is like organizing your life, start with your clothes end with your life, clothes can make a great effect in our way of living. Be positive, wear stylish clothes for the right day and events,be ready for everything, and just have an exotic life.